Tuchel-Sweep BIG

Our Big will make it!

Differently from all other Tuchel models, the brush on this machine is mounted in front of the large container looking similar to a bucket. This ensures an excellent weight distribution when you are working with your compact loader. Another plus factor is the abutting edge on the bucket, which allows you to even shake- and push off hardenend and cemented dirt.

Working width: 120 / 150 / 180 / 210 cm

Each machine can be configurated individually according to your requirements.
For further technical details and equipment, please refer to the leaflet.

Basic equipment:

  • Brush Ø 600 mm,
    100 % PP-Beeline in honey-comb shape. The dense brush ensures high durability and is well-suited for coarse dirt.
  • Compact- / wheel loader attachment (quick-hitch system)
  • Capacious bucket serves as dirt collector
  • Anti-wear strips / knives tightly welded with the bucket (increases durability of the bucket)
  • Internal, strong hydraulic motor incl. relief pressure valve
  • Optimal ground pressure of the brush by its self-weight
  • Simple brush adjustment

Hitch systems:

  • Quick-hitch adaptor for wheel loaders
  • Compact loader adapter (deviating from the Bobcat system)

about the Tuchel-Sweep BIG