Tuchel-Sweep – Road sweepers

Tuchel Sweep Simplex

Tuchel-Sweep SIMPLEX

Low self-weight – great performance!

Tuchel Sweep kompakt

Tuchel-Sweep KOMPAKT

It’s so easy to keep sidewalks and places clean!

Tuchel-Sweep ECO Pro

The right sweeping-machine in the right place!

Tuchel Sweep 590

Tuchel-Sweep PLUS 590

A clear plus factor meeting any requirements!

Tuchel Sweep Profi 660 an Radlader

Tuchel-Sweep PROFI 660

The professional for bright work!

Tuchel-Sweep PROFI CHAMP

The sweeping champion!

Profi Gigant balayeuse


This professional sweeps sparkling clean!

Tuchel-Sweep BIG

Tuchel-Sweep BIG

Our Big will make it!

Tuchel-Sweep IDEAL 650

Sweeping without dusting – made to ideal measure!

Tuchel-Sweep SOLO push broom


Tuchel-Sweep Weed brush WB 750

Environmentally friendly and thoroughly!