Tuchel-Sweep PLUS 590

A clear PLUS factor, that meets any of your requirements!

This new generation of the well-proven PLUS sweeper offers everything you could wish for. The broom of the new PLUS 590 has been enlarged. Another new detail is the sophisticated broom positioning that assures an even distance between broom and dirt collector in order to always achieve the best possible sweeping-angle. The unique PP-Beeline-Kombi brush ring system guarantees excellent sweeping results and high longevity. Another “PLUS” factor is the simple sweeping function, which enables the user to either work with the dirt collector or simply sweep without having to dismount the hopper. Thanks to its variety of attachment systems and working widths the multi-purpose PLUS 590 will be almost appropriate for all types of carrier-vehicles.

Working width: 135 / 150 / 180 / 230 / 260 cm

Each machine can be configurated individually according to your requirements.
For further technical details and equipment, please refer to the leaflet.

Basic equipment:

  • Brush: Ø 590 mm, 100% PP-Beeline-Kombi brush ring system standing for high longevity and excellent sweeping results
  • Broom with overrun control
  • Simple brush adjustment by an adjusting-lever which automatically positions the brush in the best possible sweeping-angle
  • Mechanical angling
  • Brand-named support-wheels: Ø 250 x 50 mm

Hitch systems:

  • Three-point linkage, front mounting and rear attachment
  • A-frame
  • Yard loader / Front loader attachment
  • Fork-tine attachment
  • Attachment system for communal vehicles
  • Quick-hitch system for wheel loaders
  • Attachment plate for Unimog DIN 76060,
    size 3 and 5
  • Combined attachment system

about the Tuchel-Sweep PLUS 590